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Wall Displays in Múinteoir Alison's Room

Pupils in the Infant room have been busy of late working on the theme of 'Myself' in S.P.H.E. class and also working on the theme of 'Autumn'.

Have a look at the displays they have put together titled 'Look At Us' and 'Autumn'.
Have a look at some of the photos from the Aistear programme which is being implemented in Múinteoir Alison's Class...
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Múinteoir Alison's Class Blog
Múinteoir Alison's Class Blog for each week will be accessible by clicking on the link below:
Múinteoir Alison's Class Blog
What we are learning this week!
Week Beginning 25th Jan 2016
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Jolly Phonics
Junior Infants
“ai” sound. The children are finding words which have the “ai” sound in them e.g. aim, rain, pain, sail, tail, brain etc.
“j” sound. The children are finding words with the “j” sound e.g. jelly, job, jet, jump, jog, junk etc.
Senior Infants
Tricky Words:  only   old
Finding “oo” sounds in words e.g. hood,wood, foot, cook, boot etc.
Daily Dictation: The children are using their phonics to spell simple words. Teacher says the word, then sounds the word, repeats the word and the children write the word down.
Oral Language
Our theme of the month is Winter.
The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud
Rabbits Winter Walk
Junior Infants are learning the Number 4
tracing the number,
putting objects into sets of 4
combing sets to make totals of 4
They are also learning  about 2D Shapes, square, triangle, rectangle and circle.
Senior Infants are learning the Story of 9
addition of 2 numbers totaling to 9
addition of 3 numbers totaling to 9
vertical and horizontal addition
For the month of January our Irish Topic is Bia (food)
This week the phrases the children are learning are:
Tá ocras orm. (I am hungry)
Tá tart orm. (I am thirsty)
Ba mhaith liom. (I would like)
D’ith sé/sí… (he/she ate…)
D’ol sé/sí… (he/she drank…)
The children are learning a lovely song called Little Snowflake this week.
Penguin Art

Some Displays from Múinteoir Alison's Room

Children in the Junior Classroom have been busy writing their letters to Santa.
They have also been busy designing Mythical Dragons in Art Class.
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Múinteoir Alison's class trip to Ards Forest Park. A great day was had by all where we learned lots about trees and leaves and the changing colours of the leaves at this time of year.
Maths Week In Múinteoir Alison's
Some images from Maths Week in Múinteoir Alison's Class where Christine Ramsey did a workshop with us.
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